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The New Community Arts Center for the Visual Arts

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Dear Friends and Neighbors in Cambridge and young artists around the World,

 Sacramento Street Gallery   

Cambridge Massachusetts is world famous for its great Universities such as Harvard and MIT, but hidden among its treelined, streets are neighborhoods where people live in beautiful old wooden houses, and where children go to school and play. Cambridge is also known as a haven for artists. Among us are a wondrous array of people with significant artistic talent.

So we are starting a new community Arts Center, one devoted to the visual arts which will provide space for practicing artists and artistic experiences of children and youth. The Community Arts Center will be a work of Art with outdoor sculpture, a stained glass mural celebrating the many cultural backgrounds of our children and adult artists, and to top it all off, a typical weather vane , a typical landmark of 19th century rural New England. Because we have children and artists from many countries and cultures we are especially happy to join Project Guggenheim and its many art academies and art programs in Asia, Africa and the Americas. We are therefore pleased to invite the students and artists of Project Guggenheim to join us in celebrating our first around the world, Agassiz Global Cultural festival in the winter of the year 2000 by sending us their work for an exhibition.

Hans Guggenheim

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