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In different remote areas of the world, in Tibet, in Guatemala, in Mali and among the Inuit in Northern Canada, Projectguggenheim seeks to provide high quality training in traditional skills for young artists and artisans. Our schools and programs aim to encourage innovation  because for traditions to survive they must respond creatively to new cultural and economic challenges in their environment.


In order to achieve our goals we are hoping to establish a self sustainable economic base for Projectguggenheim schools and programs.

Our cherished dream for all our individual art schools and art programs around the world is to establish a communication link between them so that young students  in remote areas will be able to share their work and ideas with one another. We believe that the sharing of artistic vision is a  necessary basis for respect for one's own traditions and for tolerance of the traditions of the other. The diffusion of art and art ideas  ideas  provides a powerful incentive to learning and to innovation . On the power of art not of war  rests  Humanity's hope for peace in the world .

Founded by Hans Guggenheim, Projectguggenheim strives to give  students the opportunity to learn about  their own traditions as well as about the traditions of others, and to test their own potential with new ideas, tools and techniques in spite of technical obstacles such as great distances, difficult lines of communication and a scarcity of funds.



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