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(Jewish War Veterans  of St. Petersburg.  Grandparents and grandchildren Art Gallery)

Jewish Arts and Crafts Center


Study Circle for Jewish Identity, Art and Culture




Among the shrinking number of survivors of World War II are the Jewish War Veterans of St. Petersburg. Following that war, Jewish beliefs, customs and identity remained under assault by the Communist regime. The creation of Jewish art and crafts necessary for the ritual practices and expression of Jewish culture were also suppressed. Only in 1995 did it become possible for the St. Petersburg Organization of Jewish War Veterans to form the study circle for Jewish identity, art, and culture. Projectguggenheim is proud to be able to include this study circle in our organization.

For anyone wishing to appreciate the privilege of having been born Jewish, to give other people joy and light, and to attain a sense of national consciousness, it is fundamental to learn Jewish history, culture and traditions.

    Rabban Simon, the son of Gamaliel, said: “On three things the world exists: On truth, on justice, and on peace, as it is said: render truth, justice, and peace in your gates."


    The Jewish Arts and Crafts Centre, set up by the St. Petersburg Organization of Jewish War Verterans in 1995, plays and important role. Over 150 people of different generations exercise their skills in ten studios under the guidance of professional artists and instructors. Works produced by the students are regularly shown at synagogues or at Jewish community centers, both in Russia and abroad.



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