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Music Academy of Bhaktapur
Bright English School





“Even as the unwise work selfishly in the bondage of selfish works, let the wise man work unselfishly for the good of all the world"

Bagavad Gita, 3/25


Art in Nepal is a tumultuous combination of dance, music, color, sculpture, architecture, painting, court ritual, and religious fervor. Nepalese art is a performance against the background of the Himalayas, and so it is drama. Projectguggenheim seeks to assist the Music Academy of Bhaktapur and the Bright English School, two institutions that make a real impact in maintaining high levels of quality in traditional music and art. We therefore urge the visitors to look not only at the drawings produced by the children, but to look at our video which tries to capture a little of the culture’s spirit and spirituality.



Nepal’s economy depends on tourism which is being destroyed by tragedy and Maoist revolution. Poverty and years of political instability marked by parliamentary intrigue have shaken Nepal since multi-party rule under a constitutional monarchy was introduced in 1990. The Himalayan Kingdom, which began the crackdown after declaring a state of emergency on November 28, 2001, said it would take help wherever it came from to end the rebellion aimed at toppling the monarchy. Nepal's poverty is severe and in stark contrast to the wealth of many tourists. More than half of all Nepalese live on less than $1 a day and Nepal suffers a poverty so deep that Mother Theresa chose Nepal for her first hospice. These conditions make the country a fertile ground for rage and Maoist revolt.

Our program encourages art and music in the schools and gives children the opportunity to express themselves.




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