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MALI's Masks and Marionettes at war against AIDS
Bozo marionette theater on the Niger River

Many Americans appalled by the high number of AIDS victims in Africa blame the victims for carelessness and for not caring. This is certainly not the case in Mali where about 2 percent of the population is HIV positive. 


Please help us fund the Projectguggenheim Bozo Marionette theater that will travel along the Bani and Niger river, on a pirogue in order to  reach small, remote villages where people are especially vulnerable to the disease.  

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MALI's highways are lined with signs warning people against AIDS, and throughout the country youth organizations try to teach people how to protect themselves. Curiously, one powerful medium for diffusing information has not been used. When we suggested the use of masks among the Dogon, the Bobo, and the use of marionette theater among the Bozo, we received an enthusiastic response from the young peoples associations. We also received a strong response from a Bambara school in Kati, near Bamako where the children went to work with crayons and pencils to create powerful AIDS warning images.







Dr. Hans Guggenheim visiting children infected with HIV/AIDS in Segou, Mali


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