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Projectguggenheim:the Heritage Museum Program is proud and delighted to present Paul Machnik's extraordinary Nunavit 2000 Print Collection Program

In Paul's words,: The Nanavut 2000 Print Collection program is to be a celebration of an artistic and cultural expression of the heritage, the way of life and the aspirations of the indigenous people of Nunavut and by its very nature, will also celebrate and contribute to the culture and heritage of Canada.


Artist :Kenojuar
Studio PM

The art produced by the Inuit is deeply rooted in our Canadian identity. It offers us all not only a source of pride and recognition throughout the world, but so too a sense of ourselves as a distinct nation. Yet for most Inuit and An artists they remain unknown individually and are out of touch with the art communities either in the neighboring settlement or that outside the North. But their work, and the spirit imbued in that work has inspired many, artists included, worldwide (i.e.. Henry Moore.)
The workshops which are the main aspect to the project will bring together artists of Nunavut under one helm, the Nunavut 2000 Print Collection, with the goal of a noncommercial, artistic endeavor. The participants will have the occasion to exchange their ideas and artistic approaches which in the end will help strengthen their own self image and bolster their recognition in the world of Art. At the same time it will encourage Canadians and others from outside the country to explore our natural and cultural diversity. The goal of the project is to stimulate the youth to seek out and support the culture within their communities.

Paul Machnik,


Since 1977 Paul Machnik worked with the Inuit and Inny producing prints and over the past six years, he has traveled to Cape Dorset, Pangnirtung and Holman to undertake extensive workshops on site. This Millennium project signifies an increase in those activities, with eight other communities benefiting through this project as proposed (these included Kimmirut, Broughton Island, Clyde River, Rond Inlet, Artic Bay, Igoolik, Hall Beach, and Iqauit.)


Printer : Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

All works representing
Inuit art are shown with permission of West Baffin Cooperative, Cape Dorset, Nunavut

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