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Armenian National Center of Aesthetics

Henrik Igityan founded The National Center of Aesthetics of Armenia (NCA) in 1973 as part of the Children's Museum of Armenia and remains its director. In 1980 the Studio-College of Fine and Decorative Art at the NCA was added.
During 22 years of its existence, the NCAA has participated at many international art forums and exhibitions. The Studio-College itself has different studios of different art directions:


Carpets and Goblins
Decorative metal craft
Wood craft
Stone craft, sculpture
Decorative art studio
Ceramics studio
Graphics studio



A total of 400 students currently attend the Studio-College. Its very modern studios are equipped with everything necessary. The Studio-College has established close ties with many international relevant institutions and young artists from different countries attend the summer school there and work in different studios and in the design laboratory.
All studios hold an annual exhibition where they present a special project.
Because of Armenia's strong national art heritage most projects are based on traditional art forms that inspire children's creativity. This can be seen in the design of Armenian Fairy tales books that follow the tradition of Armenian manuscripts.


A very important date for Armenia, the 1700th anniversary of adopting Christianity in Armenia as a state religion, which had an international resonance, NCA and the Studio-College in particular responded by yearly hard work: an exhibition of children's paintings devoted to the anniversary was held. Works of children with Christian themes were exhibited by different
studios at The Children's Artworks' Museum of Armenia. Parallel to it a marvelous album-illustration was designed - named "Let there be light". The photos we send you illustrate this project (1700th Anniversary of adopting Christianity as state religion).
The Studio-College has partners in other countries with which it develops innovative projects in contemporary media such as toys for handicapped children, or toys for rehabilitation.

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